Great to see you here! Pull up a packing crate to sit on and have a cuppa while I continue beautifying the site. While it’s still new and in a bit of a muddle, never fear, you can use the menus to find your way around or make contact with me. (To be emailed* when there’s news, fill in my subscribe box in the sidebar.)

Me? I’m a Laughter Yoga Leader – the ink’s drying on my certification and I’m setting out to run Laughter Clubs in and around Malmesbury (north Wiltshire, UK). If this is a new concept to you, I explain more about it here. My first laughter club is going to run from September and is for U3A members, but next year I’ll start one or two more that will be open to more people.

I also offer Clarity Conversation. This is for you if you feel sure of your path, your ability and your will to follow it, but a specific real-world obstacle or a lack of information is stopping you from taking the very next step. Go here for some clarity on Clarity.

I give tarot readings. For the time being that’s by email* only. I’ll just say here that it is not fortune-telling – not the way I do it, I don’t read the future – and you can read more here on how my readings can help you, and a brief introduction to tarot if you aren’t familiar with it.

And I’m a healer, though at the moment I’m available for this kind of work only when we know each other.

As opposed to what I do, how I tell the world about it (ie this website) is shifting and settling. This is just me having a play with the options.😉 Don’t be put off if you come back to find I’ve moved the furniture or repainted the walls – just look for “Mand Season” at the top and you’ll know it’s still me.

To work with me use my contact page; to leave a quick thought, please comment below. And to keep up with the latest as it happens, subscribe by email*.

* My email promise: I don’t share anyone’s email address with anyone else, and I don’t bombard you. I send email updates no more than once every two or three weeks. In fact it’s likely to be a lot less often than that – unless there’s something really short-notice that can’t wait!