Mand Season


When you sign up to receive my emails, I can’t tell you exactly what you’ll get. Meaning, I can’t commit to a particular frequency or theme – I can’t be sure of sending emails every x weeks, nor sum up what they will be about except in the vaguest terms. But if I only say I’ll be writing about my thoughts on Life, the Universe and Everything, you won’t be tempted to sign up – so I need to explain a little better!

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Life has thrown a lot of, well, LIFE at me. This has taken me on some major learning curves. (That’s the polite way of saying I have lived through some very difficult stuff.) Combined with a natural inclination to ponder deeply on whatever happens and draw out any value I can, this means I have tons of thoughts to share, and also:

  • understanding that most people never have the opportunity to acquire;
  • useful techniques for getting through life’s tough times;
  • reasons, actual defensible reasons, for being glad rather than horrified;
  • ways of finding your inner strength;
  • accessing your own inner wisdom;
  • relationship survival ideas, and that’s not only romantic and work relationships but parent/child and friendships as well;
  • thoughts that make me laugh out loud, because a lot of the time life is truly ridiculous (and so are human beings, including me)!
  • tips on everyday life, such as how to open a stuck lid when you have weak hands, that kind of thing.

You’ll see all those and more, but I can’t predict exactly what. I decided to stop procrastinating and start emailing anyway.

The more I write – and the more I hear from my readers about what is helpful to them, in real life, and what is of interest – the more I’ll know what to write. I need you to tell me if you’re getting nothing out of a particular topic. 🙂

Soon, when this is no longer a newborn project, I’ll be able to update this page with more clarity! But for now, please sign up anyway. You won’t be swamped, I’ll email you every couple of weeks at most (except on special occasions, maybe). Think of it as a wide-ranging, deep but fun, conversation with a new friend. And if you like it, tell someone.

Thank you!
Mand x

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.