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When you sign up for my emails, you cannot be sure what you’re getting into. What? (shocked face) By that I mean that I don’t know how often I’ll be writing. This is a new thing and all I can promise is that you won’t be overwhelmed with quantity. Once or twice a month is my guess.

You’re right up there with the “founder members” – as you can see from the number of followers shown here (a couple of lines down). That gives you the privilege of input into the direction this project goes, if you want it! The more you lot (that’s you) tell me what you think, the sooner we’ll all know what I – we – are talking about. So please use the Comments field below each article or reply to my emails.

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I spent a long time working out what I should focus on. Then I gave up working it out. Sometimes I feel that I have a couple of dozen “specialities”; sometimes I feel that everything I ever think gravitates arouond a single grand theme, but I don’t know the name for it. I keep reading that a writer must have a niche, so the world knows how to pigeonhole to find them in – but while deciding on my niche, I wasn’t writing. So instead I must trust you to cope with a variety of topics thrown at you randomly. At least for a while… sooner or later we’ll find out what I’m talking about, surely. 😉

But from your side it will look like a Grand Plan. Honest! My thoughts go off on all sorts of tangents (always have, all my life) ) but ultimately the wild tangle all ties together, or untangles if we’re being consistent with our metaphor. Stick with me, and it will all make sense. (Yeah. Don’t doubt it.) And then who knows – it could change your life for the better.

Be warned, some of this is going to wander into deep, dark territory which can be difficult to consider. Sometimes it will be heavy, LIGHT territory. Life is serious stuff… that’s my excuse. It won’t all be hard work, though, because so much of life is absurd and I love to laugh. 🙂

When my writing makes you think of something, tell me what! The easiest way is the Comments field at the end of each article. I really do want to compare notes and throw thoughts at each other. If it puzzles you, then please ask what the heck I mean. And when it makes you think of someone you know, tell them about it! Of course, if you hate all of it, unsubscribe – either through any of my emails or in your preferences on the website.

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